Study to Immigrate Pathway

Choose a Program of Study

Our educational advisor will work with you to find the BestFit© program according to your future needs.

Here are what we will discuss:

  • your choice of program in a specific field
  • duration of program
  • GPA requirement
  • Tuition Fees
  • Location of your school
  • Characteristics to help you become successful

Apply for the School

  • We provide you a few options - as soon as we've picked the program, we will provide you with a link with the schools (unless options are limited).
  • Submit documents - once you make a decision, we will ask you to submit your documents (e.i. High School Diploma, Transcripts, Face copy of your Passport and language proficiency certificate) through "express your interest" on InspiCan website.
  • Email you a link to pay the application fee - We will provide you the link to your email, to pay for the application directly to the institution (usually between C$80-150).
  • Wait for Offer Letter from the school - once the offer letter is presented by the institution, we will proceed with the study permit and visa application.

*Only schools that are certified as Canadian designated learning institution (DLI) can be approved by the Government of Canada to be granted a study permit, therefore we only represents DLI institutions.

Prepare Immigration Documents

As soon as we apply to the institutions, you should expect an email within 2-3 weeks to receive the letter of offer.

  1. Receive letter of offer – upon receiving this letter, we will require you to submit more documents for the study permit and visa application to Canada.
  2. Submit documents to apply for study permit – we will send you a list of documents to submit to proceed with the application.
  3. Pay for the study permit fee on the government website ($150 +85 biometric fee)* – we will send you a link to pay for this fee, or we can help you to pay also if needed. *For studying in Quebec, you will need to apply for CAQ (Quebec Acceptance Certificate) before the study permit, the fee is C$111.
  4. Wait for study permit before booking your travels and accommodation