InspiCan's representative has been to this great university in person. We are confident that the quality of education, facilities and the range of services offered will meet your expectations! 



STFX is one of the finest undergraduate universities in Canada, the reason for those who want to get exceptional academic experience to choose STFX. STFX has been ranked as the best undergraduate university in Canada by external publications and surveys. But this is not the only thing that makes us so unique.


We list 10 great reasons to choose STFX:

  1. Offering an university education of great quality, the university focuses on both the intellectual and mental development, global awareness and a commitment to the social justice.

  2. The university ranked # 1 in Canada in terms of in teaching students to think critically, helping students to gain experience for employment, and # 1 where professors know you by name.

  3. You will get first-hand research chances that rival those found in larger schools.

  4. Small classrooms in the university foster active debate and class discussion where your professor really want you to join in and see you succeed.

  5. You would come and join a prospering academic environment in which you could join in a  big community and get amounts of encouragement.

  6. We need to let you know that when you think about your career future, STFX could really help a lot, because it is one of the universities who has the best university reputation when it comes to Canadian employers.  

  7. In the university residential community, you can experience the life that students live and work together, and may also find a friendship that may be last for your lifetime.

  8. The residential and academic infrastructure in the university is perfect. It has created a unique campus that blends New England style style architecture with world-class learning spaces, lads and facilities.

  9. Provided with a huge amounts of chances to study abroad at over 40 universities all over the world, or for our international students to study here at Nova Scotia and STFX for a term or even a year if you want.

  10. When it comes to a moment of graduation, they will receive the iconic W-Ring and then connection to a wider, worldwide community.



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  • Marketing



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