InspiCan's representative has been to this great university in person. We are confident that the quality of education, facilities and the range of services offered will meet your expectations! 



KPU was established in 1981 and located in British Columbia, it has four campuses located in the Metro Vancouver. KPU provides bachelor's programs,associate degrees, diplomas, certificates and citations over 120 programs. Around 20,000 students attend courses at KPU every year.  

KPU now offers a wide range of credentials to meet the growing needs of regional and global employment markets. Students here have great opportunity to bridge certificate and diploma credentials into bachelor's degrees, as well as creating the option of academic and professional improvement of applied and technical programs.

KPU currently provide a range of credentials, most of them are completely unique, in order to fruitful meet the evolving needs of regional and global employment markets. Those students have the opportunity to link certificate and professional enhancement of applied programs.



Why Choose KPU?


How to define a polytechnic? The polytechnic approach means the combination of academic excellence with hands-on, applied learning skills for success. KPU is devoted to student development and provides learners with relevant knowledge and practical skills for career success.

According to a recent survey, 94% of the students would choose KPU again if they have such a chance.



The university are tightly connected to the  real world. The applied learning in each class including various projects, group work, presentations, guest speakers, and field trips. This is such a dreamland for students to get practical experience and network with professionals.



With more than 120 diverse programs, we provide degrees, diplomas, certificates, citations, apprenticeship training and even more. The flexible schedule allows you to take courses either full-time with classes during the whole day or on-line courses.



The university believe that the student experience is important and it brings students, instructors, guest lectures and industry experts together using small, supportive classes. In general, the university have a maximum of 35 students per class. The employees of the university are all with real-world experience in their field and a great passion for teaching.




The university hope you succeed, so they offer over 30 student services to help you. In order to alleviate your financial burden, more than $2 million of scholarships and financial awards, bursaries and other financial aid is also provided.

During your study period, the university would like to help you with your education journey, from course planning, major/minor selection, career options and even more things like getting tricks on effective study skills, academic writing and learning strategies.


Brand-new labs, studios and classrooms are amazing. In our four campuses located in Richmond, Langley, Surrey and Cloverdale, we all have super facilities.


You may earn money while you are still at school,  our co-op program help you to obtain relevant, professional work experience, make some money and meet industry contacts.

You can choose to study abroad and get international experience, which prepare you for a global working opportunities.
University's career services offers training and job-finding resources for graduates, they can also help you find a part-time work and summer employment.




You must be very excited about sport and recreational activities for all kinds of students.

You can get discounts on tickets through the student association from Cineplex and many other theaters.


Academic Programs:


Access Programs for People with Disabilities: Certificate

Accounting: Bachelor of Business Administration

Accounting: Certificate

Accounting: Diploma

Accounting: Post-Baccalaureate Diploma

Adult Upgrading: Certificates of Completion

Advanced Farrier Training: Certificate

Anthropology: Associate of Arts Degree

Anthropology: Bachelor of Arts Major

Anthropology Minor

Appliance Servicing: Certificate

Applied Business Technology: Diploma

Arborist Technician: Apprenticeship

Arts: Certificate

Arts: Diploma

Asian Studies: Associate of Arts Degree

Asian Studies: Bachelor of Arts Major

Asian Studies Minor

Automotive Service Technician: Apprenticeship

Automotive Service Technician: Certificate (Foundation)

BC Adult Graduation Diploma (Adult Dogwood)

Biology: Bachelor of Science Major

Biology Minor

Brewing and Brewery Operations: Diploma

Building Envelope Technician: Apprenticeship

Business Administration: Diploma

Business Management: Diploma

Career Choices and Life Success: Citation

Carpentry/Building Construction: Apprenticeship

Carpentry/Building Construction: Citation (Foundation)

Climbing Arborist: Apprenticeship

Community Criminal Justice: Bachelor of Arts (also Honours)

Computer Aided Design & Drafting: Diploma

Computer Information Systems: Certificate

Computer Information Systems: Diploma

Construction Electrician: Apprenticeship

Construction Electrician: Citation (Foundation)

Counselling Minor

Creative Writing: Associate of Arts Degree

Creative Writing: Bachelor of Arts Major

Creative Writing Minor

Criminology: Associate of Arts Degree

Criminology: Bachelor of Arts Major and Honours

Criminology Minor

Criminology: Certificate

Criminology: Diploma

Double Minor: Bachelor of Arts

Economics: Associate of Arts Degree

Economics Minor

Education Assistant: Certificate

Engineering First-Year: Certificate

English Language Preparatory Courses

English Language Proficiency: Diploma

English: Associate of Arts Degree

English: Bachelor of Arts Major

English Minor

Entrepreneurial Leadership: Bachelor of Business Administration

Environmental Protection: Diploma of Technology

Fashion & Technology: Bachelor of Design

Fashion Marketing: Diploma

Fine Arts: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Visual Arts

Fine Arts: Certificate

Fine Arts: Diploma

Foundations in Design: Certificate

General Business Studies: Certificate

General Business Studies: Diploma

General Science: Associate of Science Degree

General Studies: Associate of Arts Degree

General Studies: Bachelor of Arts Major

General Studies: Diploma

Geography, Applied: Bachelor of Arts Major

Geography: Associate of Arts Degree

Geography Minor

Graduate Nurse Qualifying: Certificate of Completion

Graduate Nurse, Internationally Educated Re-entry: Certificate

Graphic Design for Marketing: Bachelor of Design

Health Care Assistant: Certificate

Health Foundations: Certificate

Health Science: Bachelor of Science Major and Honours

Health Unit Coordinator: Certificate

History: Associate of Arts Degree

History: Bachelor of Arts Major

History Minor

Horticulture Technology: Diploma

Horticulture Technology - Landscape Horticulture Systems: Diploma

Horticulture Technology - Sustainable Production Horticulture: Diploma

Horticulture Technology - Turf Management: Diploma

Horticulture Technology: Citations

Human Resources Management: Bachelor of Business Administration

Human Resources Management: Post-Baccalaureate Diploma

Indigenous Community Justice Minor

Industrial Mechanic/Millwright: Apprenticeship

Information Technology: Bachelor of Technology

Interior Design: Bachelor of Interior Design

Journalism: Bachelor of Journalism (also: Honours)

Journalism Minor

Landscape Horticulture: Apprenticeship

Language and Culture Minor

Legal Administrative Studies: Certificate

Marketing Management: Bachelor of Business Administration

Marketing Management: Diploma

Masonry: Citation (Foundation)

Mathematics, Applications of: Bachelor of Science Major and Honours

Mathematics: Associate of Science Degree

Mathematics Minor

Metal Fabrication: Apprenticeship

Metal Fabrication/Fitter: Citation (Foundation)

Millwright/Industrial Mechanic: Citation (Foundation)

Music, General Studies: Bachelor of Music in Musical Arts Degree

Music: Associate of Arts Degree

Music: Diploma

Non-Governmental Organizations and Nonprofit Studies: Certificate

Nursing: Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Nursing: Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Advanced Entry

Nursing: Degree Completion for Registered Nurses

Operations and Supply Chain Management: Post-Baccalaureate Diploma

Outdoor Power Equipment Technician: Citation

Parts & Warehousing: Apprenticeship

Parts, Warehousing, Logistics & Distribution: Citation (Foundation)

Philosophy: Associate of Arts Degree

Philosophy: Bachelor of Arts Major and Honours

Philosophy Minor

Physics for Modern Technology: Bachelor of Science Major

Plant Health: Bachelor of Horticulture Science Major

Plant Health Minor

Plumbing: Apprenticeship

Plumbing: Citation (Foundation)

Plumbing and Piping: Citation (Foundation)

Policy Studies: Bachelor of Arts Major

Policy Studies Minor

Political Science: Associate of Arts Degree

Political Science: Bachelor of Arts Major

Political Science Minor

Power Line Technician: Citation

Product Design: Bachelor of Design

Production Horticulture: Apprenticeship

Psychiatric Nursing: Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing

Psychiatric Nursing: Degree Completion for Registered Psychiatric Nurses

Psychiatric Nursing: Degree Completion for Stenberg College Graduates

Psychology - Applied: Bachelor of Science (also: Honours)

Psychology: Associate of Arts Degree

Psychology: Bachelor of Applied Arts (also: Honours)

Psychology: Bachelor of Arts Major and Honours

Psychology Minor

Public Relations: Diploma

Public Safety Communications: Certificate

Science: Diploma

Sociology: Associate of Arts Degree

Sociology: Bachelor of Arts Major

Sociology Minor

Sustainable Agriculture: Bachelor of Applied Science

Technical Apparel Design: Post-Baccalaureate Diploma

Technical Management and Services: Post-Baccalaureate Diploma

Traditional Chinese Medicine - Acupuncture: Diploma

University Qualifying Studies

Urban Ecosystems: Bachelor of Horticulture Science Major

Welding Foundation: Certificate

Welding Level 'A': Citation

Welding Level 'B': Citation

Welding: Apprenticeship


Semester-Based Programs

Tuition Category

Applicable Courses & Program(s)

Tuition (per credit)

Mandatory Student Fees* (per credit)

Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents


Most undergraduate and university preparatory courses.

$ 139.00

$  9.73


Education Assistant

$ 167.95

$ 11.75


Bachelor of Design, Product Design

$ 187.60

$ 13.13


Health Unit Coordinator; Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Advanced Entry

$ 214.70

$ 15.02


Industry-specific technical courses and programs such as HEAL or Brewing and Brewery Operations

$ 265.30

$ 18.57


Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Technical Apparel Design

$ 556.60

$ 38.96


Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Accounting

$ 225.00

$ 15.75


Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine - Acupuncture

$ 306.00

$ 21.42


Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Operations & Supply Chain Management

Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Technical Management & Services

$ 350.00

$ 24.50


University Qualifying Studies

$ 139.00

$  9.73


English Language Studies

$ 139.00

$  9.73


Adult Special Education (e.g. Access Programs for People with Disabilities)

No charge per credit. $ 30.27 per week program fee.

No charge.


Career Choices and Life Success

$ 102.00

$  7.14

International Students


Any program admitting international students.

$ 572.20

$ 35.70

Fixed-Term Programs and Continuous-Intake Offerings

Tuition Category

Applicable Courses & Program(s)

Tuition (per week)

Mandatory Student Fees* (per week)

Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents



Most vocational courses; Adult Upgrading (4 days/time blocks per week).

$ 121.10

$  8.47


(Three-quarter Time)

Adult Upgrading  (3 days/time blocks per week)

$   90.82

$  6.35



Adult Upgrading  (2 days/time blocks per week)

$   60.55

$  4.23


(One-quarter Time)

Adult Upgrading  (1 day/time block per week)

$   30.27

$  2.11


Arborist Technician Apprenticeship

$ 248.35

$ 17.38

International Students


Any program admitting international students (4 days/time blocks per week).

$ 572.20

$ 35.70

Co-operative Education Work Terms

Tuition Category

Applicable Courses & Program(s)

Tuition (per work term)

Mandatory Student Fees* (per work term)

Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents and International Students


Full-time Co-op Work Terms

$ 625.50

$ 43.75


Part-time Co-op Work Terms

$ 312.75

$ 21.85

* Mandatory student fees for libraries, technologies and student life based on 7% of tuition.


For further Information, please contact Ms. Michele Wu, our admissions coordinator: